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Store Fixture and Sign Projects for H.H. Gregg

Store Fixture and Sign Projects for H.H. Gregg

We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve completed over the last five years for the electronic retail company H.H. Gregg. As a national retail organization like H.H. Gregg embarks on a major brand transformation project, it’s important that interior store fixtures and signs in individual stores stay consistent with the desired brand and image chosen at the national level.

National retail companies often risk losing their desired brand consistency from store to store, when individual locations are given the opportunity to design their own fixtures and interior signage. When a customer walks into a store in another part of the country, you want them to feel familiar with their surroundings to create a more enjoyable shopping experience. We’ve been working with H.H. Gregg to create just this sort of environment on a national scale at locations across the country.

We handle projects from the design stage all the way through to the final installation, ensuring consistency throughout the project and uniformity from store to store. We’ve helped H.H. Gregg with a range of projects, from nationwide fixture updates to the design and installation of signage, furniture and fixtures in new store locations. Below is a gallery of some of the work we’ve completed for H.H. Gregg over the last five years.