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New Store Rollouts and Remodels for Staples

New Store Rollouts and Remodels for Staples

Since 2010, Thompson Fixture Installation has worked with Staples, a national office supply retailer, to maintain brand consistency in store fixtures and graphics at individual store locations across the country. Translating a desired look and image down to individual stores can be a major challenge for national retail companies, especially when it comes to things like store fixtures and interior signs.

Our work with Staples has included new store rollouts, nationwide remodels, signs, graphics and a range of other important branding efforts. We’ve built custom designed retail checkout stands, customer service areas and other distinct store fixtures arrangements. Some projects involved updating store fixtures to coincide with rebranding efforts, while others required custom interior signage to rollout specific products or special offerings.

Every building is a little bit different. Although a basic outline may have been decided at the national scale, each store fixture still has to be able to fit appropriately and may have to change slightly based on the size and particular layout of each store. We work with our clients to meet their unique needs and budget, while doing our best to create a consistent brand, image and layout. Translating the brand image to each custom built store fixture is what gives a national retailer like Staples the consistent look and feel that makes customers feel at home and at ease at any store they visit.