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What We Don’t Do

We specialize in store fixtures and interior signs, but we consistently get requests to help with other kinds of assignments. We occasionally branch out of our unique niche for special projects, but for the most part we stick to what we’re best at. We don’t handle residential work, lighting or exterior signage. We work exclusively with businesses and building owners to assist with store fixtures and interior signage.

Why We Don’t Work with Residential Clients

We are strictly commercial contractors that design, build and install store fixtures and interior signage. Our projects typically range from local, regional and national projects, but we work exclusively on commercial ventures, primarily in retail stores, mall kiosks or warehouse facilities.

Why We Don’t Handle Lighting

Thompson Fixture Installation doesn’t build lighting fixtures, because there are other professionals with more experience in this niche. We leave these projects to those with that expertise, because that is what they do best. Although some projects require us building lighting directly into a façade or store fixture, we pass on providing all the lighting fixtures throughout an entire building.

Why We Don’t Handle Exterior Signage

We  do not handle exterior signage in any capacity. Other companies have the cranes and various equipment required to install these types of exterior signs, but we have chosen not to offer this particular service. Interior signage requires a finesse and expertise that has taken years to develop.

We’re very good at store fixtures and interior signs, so we focus on those two unique niches. If you’re looking for custom retail lighting or exterior retail signs, feel free to give us a call for recommendations. There are some great businesses serving these niches, and we’d be happy to pass along their information.