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Store Remodel Project for Retailer – Staples in Watertown, CT

Installing Retail Fixtures for a Retail Store

We’re Off to Tremendous Start in 2018

The Thompson Fixture team has completed several projects for Staples retail stores across the country this year. The pictures from this project were taken at a Staples in Watertown, CT. The team is also working on a store remodel project for a nearby Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Waterford, CT.

Our team is working hard to give these stores a new look and update the workspace in order to increase production and efficiency while optimizing the customer experience. If you are a national retail business, you want your customer to have the same great experience no matter if they’re walking into a store in California, Florida, Texas, Maine, or elsewhere.

One of the main benefits of having a big national retail brand is that customers have a certain degree of comfort and familiarity as soon as they walk through the door. Without even realizing it, they’ll recognize the brand colors, imagery, and even have a good idea where items in your store are located. Fixture design and placement can play a big part in making this experience a reality for customers. Our team helps make this happen.

Retail Fixture Installations

Installing fixtures for use at retail locations is our team’s specialty. We help national retail clients provide a pleasant shopping experience, both from a functional and visual standpoint. Contact us to take advantage of our fixture installation services or to learn more about our other services.

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