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Two Oak Street Health Clinics in Ohio

April has been a productive month for TFI.  We have completed 2 Oak Street Health clinics in Ohio.  With all the trades working different shifts around the clock in an effort to get these health clinics open up as soon as possible.  Our crews not only stepped up to complete these clinics during difficult times, but completed them sooner than scheduled.  We were also asked to send another small crew to complete another Oak Street Health clinic in North Carolina where the originally assigned installation company had difficulties completing it.

We are also pleased to announce that after nearly 6 months we have completed another remodel for Menards, this one being in Jackson, MI.  After giving our team that was there a much need break to rest up we will are looking forward to starting a new store install scheduled to begin soon.

Even though trying to complete all our projects during these difficult times with dealing with the COVID-19 virus, our people have not only stepped up to ensure our clients’ needs were met, but they exceeded all of our expectations.  We asked a lot of them and they delivered more.  We can’t find the words to tell our teams how much we and our clients appreciate the outstanding job they done this past month.